Savant Homeline Dual Relay 20AMP

Savant Homeline Dual Relay 20AMP

Product Name/Number: RPM-H2R20120-01
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The Dual Relay 20 Amp Module is designed to control two 120V loads in a Panelized Lighting system. The Dual Relay 20 Amp Module can readily switch two 20A loads independently including lighting, plug loads or any other electrical appliance up to 20 Amps, allowing for dynamic management of both lighting and non-lighting loads. Designed to be installed in Homeline style breaker panels with power fed from two electrical breakers.


  • Control capability for loads up to 2400VA (volt-amperes)
  • Color LCD display for easy load identification, load status and energy usage
  • Reset button / Manual load test switch
  • Communicates over Bluetooth Low Energy
  • Fits into Homeline™ compatible breaker panels
  • Simple to configure and deploy using Blueprint Lighting Manager
  • On-boarding from an iOS device


  • Inputs - 120V AC at 60 Hz, 20 Amps Max each 
  • Load Power (Max) - 2400VA each (20A Resistive Load)
  • Features of Automatic Action - Type 1.B action


Dual 20 Amp Relay Companion Module [RPM-Q2R20120] Installation Manual