Samsung Wind Free 2.0e, Outdoor, 12k BTU, RAC

Samsung Wind Free 2.0e, Outdoor, 12k BTU, RAC

Product Name/Number: AR12BSFCMWKXCV
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Samsung's exclusive WindFree™ cooling technology provides users with a cool indoor climate without the discomfort of direct cold airflow. It’s an advantage no other system can match. Samsung 9, 12, 18, and 24K Btu/h indoor units are compatible with single zone (AR**TSFY*WKXCV, RXS**Y*T and AR**BSFCMWKN, RXS**CMB) and multi-zone (AJ0**TX**CH/AA, JXH****T and AJ0**BX**CH/AA, JXH****B) outdoor units.


Data Sheet

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