Aquefier Desuperheater

Aquefier Desuperheater

Product Name/Number: R6K
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The Aquefier R6K Heat Recovery unit is designed to heat domestic hot water using residential HVAC systems. The unit connects to a water heater and an air conditioner, heat pump, or refrigeration compressor for free heating of potable water. Reclaiming waste heat from high compressor discharge temperatures is a proven principle of energy recycling that produces abundant hot water safely and economically.

Heat Recovery Benefits

  • Produces 5-7 gallons of hot water per ton of compressor rating             
  • Fully automatic operation
  • ARL listed appliance with UL approved components
  • Heats water to 120-140 degrees F
  • Increases compressor efficiency and extends compressor life

Heat Recovery Unit Features

  • 230 volt wiring for easy connection to compressor contactor
  • Factory wired and preset controls
  • High efficiency vented double wall heat exchanger
  • Water lubricated low wattage circulator
  • Grounded electrical circuit
  • Sturdy aluminum cabinet with baked enamel finish for outdoor or indoor use