Savant Single NC/NO Control Relay

Savant Single NC/NO Control Relay

Product Name/Number: RPM-Q2PWL-01
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The single NC/NO Control Relay companion module is designed to control one Square D™ Powerlink™ Remote controlled circuit breaker.

This relay module is an essential building-block within the Savant critical load management architecture. It can dynamically switch critical and non-critical loads on / off based upon previously set parameters.


  • Control capability for Powerlink Remote controlled circuit breaker
  • Fits into QO™ compatible panels.
  • Communicates wirelessly over Bluetooth Low Energy.
  • Dynamic management of loads.
  • Color Display for easy identification and load status.
  • Reset button / Manual load switch.


  • Inputs - 120V AC at 60 Hz, 20 Amps Max each
  • Load Power (Max) - 2400VA each (20A Resistive Load)
  • Features of Automatic Action - Type 1.B action

 Supported Load Types

  • Standard configuration Relay On/Off Loads


Single NC/NO Control Relay Module Installation Manual