Smart Frog Condensing Unit, Premium Package

Smart Frog Condensing Unit, Premium Package

Product Name/Number: PERFECTLY GREEN:SF060
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The world's only solar powered air conditioner with built in solar inverter and 7KW standby generator. Up to 23 SEER 5-ton variable speed air conditioner.

The Smart Frog  can be operated from solar panels, electricity from the grid or from its own self-contained gas-powered generator. The system can blend all three sources of power and simultaneously perform demand response and load shedding. With any power supply, this solar powered air conditioner achieves an outstanding 23 seer rating and provides peak power cost reduction (load shedding) with its gas generator.  Our customers will never be without power or cooling even with grid failure.


  • Homeowners are protected from inevitable power outages with 7KW Standby Generation.
  • Current and future solar customers can simply plug-in up to 4KW solar into the unit.
  • Energy efficiency is ensured with our patented blending module. Which prioritizes the solar/ standby power over grid consumption.
  • Durable weather proof/ UV protected ABS plastic housing for guaranteed long life.
  • AC coils are coated with the Fin-Koat for protection against erosion and the elements.
  • AC to DC high torque variable speed compressor drive for comfort, efficiency, versatility and reliability.
  • Enabled for demand response if allowed by state. Utility providers can engage standby generation system or simply move customers off-grid in high power demand situations. The customer can be compensated for energy produced by the Standby generation system in demand response situations.